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Tree City

Visualize and interact with Philadelphia's street trees in the TreeCity WebGL demo. You can also browse the source code on GitHub.

This is a WebGL demo I made in Unity using Mapbox's Unity SDK. Before this demo, I had only read or heard about GIS and didn't understand it at a deeper level other than "it's about mapping." After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, I started to learn more about how storm-based flooding becomes more prevalent with the mass removal of trees in urban areas. Out of curiosity I looked at street tree maps where I live, in Philadelphia, PA, to gauge how well gathered our data is.


Arrow keys:        Walk
W,A,S,D keys:      Walk
C key:             Show controls
Esc key:           Quit demo
Left Mouse Button: View tree information on selection

At the center of the screen is your aiming reticle. Walk around the city to see trees and click on them to learn what kind of tree is planted there.

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