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This project served as C++11 practice for game development using SFML. I also wanted to learn better task management for open source projects.

I kept track of tasks using Trello, but only at the start of development. It was fine for Pong since there weren't many tasks. I did get tired of manually moving tasks along category lanes, so I started searching for a way to track tasks with actual pull requests. That's how I found Waffle. It's a task manager that always shows a current task board without having to manually move tasks and it does this by linking to Github.

What's there left to do? This demo would be a lot more fun with multiplayer gameplay. There will be a followup post when that's done.

Game features:

  • Two paddles
  • One ball
  • Two score keepers
  • Serving
  • A win screen
  • Restart the game

Tools used:

Resources used: