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Vivid Dreams

Watch the video game demo.

This project is from when I was in college. I worked with five other student game artists and developed all programming solutions using Unreal Engine 3 (UDK), UnrealScript, Kismet, and Maya Embedded Language (MEL) scripting. I was the primary software engineer on the project.

Notable achievements (at the time):

  • A Maya viewport shader with an identical UDK shader
  • A MEL script to attach a generated 3-point lighting rig and shader
  • Melee weapons using tracers for hit detection
  • A fixed camera with smooth scrolling
  • An animation system which used available custom AnimNodes
  • Teleportation to the nearest path node from the player
  • An occluder fader created with Kismet and Material Instance Constants
  • Imported custom animation skeletons made in Autodesk Maya
  • Health pickups